Recommend Spots

  • Visiting Seven Gods Of Fortune

    Every year, from New Year’s Day to the end of the month, the Seven Gods of Fortune in Miura open the doors of their shrine/temple with the statue of the God, wishing for a good year for those who visit them.


  • Play On Jogashima Island

    On the east side of the island lies Tokyo Bay and Boso Peninsula. On its west side, you can enjoy the Sagami Bay and Izu Peninsula, with a grand view of the Mt. Fuji across the ocean.


  • Miura Kaigan Beach

    Miura Kaigan Beach is one of the foremost beaches in the Kanto area, with a long curved sand beach approximately 1km in length.


  • The Koajiro Forest

    The Koajiro forest is a precious green land, which covers about 70 hectares. It does not have an artificial watershed basin, river, or tideland, which is very unique around the Kanto and Tokai areas.


  • The Miura Tourist Volunteer Guide Association

    We are a volunteer guide group consisting of about 30 members and supporting tourists from inside and outside of the Kanagawa prefecture. We offer our guests the opportunity to experience the following.


Recommend Spots Detail

Misaki port direct-from-the-producers market Urari

Address:Misaki 5-3-1, Miura City
Active Time:0900 to 1700 (Sun 0700 - 1700)
Closed:Open all year around from

Urari is a multipurpose facility located in Misaki Fishing Port popularly known as tuna fish.
Thirteen shops in the market offer tuna, local fish, vegetables of Miura, fishery processed food and delicatessen. “Nijiiro Sakana-go” is a underwater sightseeing boat and ferry to Jogashima Island which leaves from the pier in front of Urari. Rental motor boats are available for cruising and fishing.

Car: Yokohama Yokosuka Road, Kinugasa IC - Miura Jyukan Road (Hayashi) - 20 minutes to Misaki Fishing Port. Parking available (240 cars)
Train and Bus: Bus from Keikyu Line (Misaki-guchi Station or Miura Kaigan Station) to Misaki-kou bus stop.

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