UNESCO intangible cultural property and nation designated important intangible folk cultural assets

Chakirako elegant Miura Misaki Girls dancing in the new year.
This is an event to be performed in the new year for the ladies only handed down at the Misaki downtown and Hanagure/Nakazaki district.
They consist of dancers of girls aged 4 to 5 year old, and singers of mothers and grandmothers. It was told that when they grew from girls to ladies, they gave up to dance any more.

The girls wearing the same type kimono dance with fans at Chakkirako, without instruments, and harmonizing songs. In the old time, they each danced wearing their best new year’s kimono.

On January 15 every year, they dedicate the original Shintou shrine( located at the Hanagure area) preying the well-being of one’s families,the prosperous business, the big catch, and the Maritime safety.
After that, they dedicate the dances to the Kainan Shrine ,the Hanagure Dragon Palace, the Nakazaki Dragon God, and afternoon dances in front of shops, and restaurants.

Once upon a time, when Mr. Yoritomo Minamoto, who visited Misaki (the cherry Imperial Palace, the camellia Imperial Palace, and the peach Imperial Palace), wanted to see dance of the mother and daughter, who work at the seashore, the mother said that “ I am too old to dance, instead, made my daughter dance,” and she made her daughter hold a small bamboo cut from a bamboo thicket while dancing and singing “Ayatake”.
Also, there is a legend called “ Mai Ougi”, which was taught to village girls by the princess Eito, who was the wife of Prince Shiei Fujiwara, the Festival God of the Kainan Shrine.

The above was recorded in the Miura”s oldest topography “Misaki” edited in Houreki the year of six ( 1756 A.D.), and it was designated to the nation designated important intangible folk cultural assets in Shouwa 51.
Also, it was registered in the UNESCO intangible cultural property in September Heisei 21.